A Touch of Class Pet Resort offers two types of boarding accommodations for your special family member. Our state of the art boarding and daycare facility has been finished in the best anti-microbial coatings available today. All surfaces are thoroughly disinfected with our guests’ welfare in mind. At any given time you will be able to see our own pets playing with our guests.

The top priorities in our state of the art boarding and daycare facility are cleanliness and safety to ensure your special family member has a fun, enjoyable and safe stay, and you have peace of mind!

  • We pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our facility – all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected and our ventilation uses an ultraviolet germicidal system designed with our guests’ welfare in mind.
  • Your pet will be very comfortable – we provide fresh linens for their kennel and stainless steel water dishes (checked frequently) and food dishes.  Our caring staff will treat your family member like their own, continually monitoring them during their stay.  All of our guests are taken out for potty at least four times a day, and the last potty break is about 9:00 pm before a good night rest.
  • We highly recommend you enhance the stay of your pet with daycare so they can socialize all day, and sleep well at night.  Our experienced staff are always with your dogs in daycare ensuring they are having fun in a safe environment.  We have a climate controlled indoor area and a large outdoor play area for your dog’s enjoyment.

The Luxe Suite (4ft x 14ft)

With the same top quality as our Premium Suite, the Luxe Suites have an additional 10 foot private run that is attached.  Most of our guests see this area as “their” private play area.  If you have more than one dog and they would enjoy sharing a kennel, we offer discounts for multiple dogs in our Luxe Suites. 

Nightly Rate (1 Dog)


Nightly Rate (2 Dogs)


Half-day Daycare
Add $16
Full-day Daycare
Add $22

The Premium Suite (4ft x 4ft)

This ultra clean spacious area is just the place for a good night sleep after daycare.  Our suites ensure your pet has privacy & security with privacy walls between kennels but with doors permitting them to view other dogs.

Nightly Rate


Half-day Daycare
Add $16
Full-day Daycare
Add $22
Cat Boarding Standard

There will be an extra $5.00 charge for dogs boarding with us that do not use our daycare.  Those dogs require special handling and staff attention.  Just like a hotel, check-out time is 1:00 PM (for pick-up after 1:00 PM there is an additional late fee charged except on Sunday hours)

Overnight Guidelines

What to bring to stay at the Resort:

  • Enough food for the duration of the stay in a sealed non-breakable container, labeled with the dog’s name, the owner’s last name, amount to feed and variety of food.  We do not offer a house food, as we feel your dog’s system does best on what they are used to eating.
  • Any required medications labeled with the dosage amounts. If your pet has more than 3 medication that need to be given, a small charge will be added.
  • We provide fleece mats for your pet. We offer bedding for a comfy overnight stay however, your bedding is always welcome.  We feel it’s nice for your pet to lie on a small blanket or pillow from home. We only ask that whatever you bring for your pet is able to fit in our washer in case it gets soiled.  Our laundry service is free.
  • Any toys or other belongings that you would like your pet to have while you are away. It is always nice to bring something from home that smells like you.  Some owners bring shirts so their pet is comforted by their scent.

What not to bring to the Resort:

  • Please do not bring large beds, blankets or pillows that are too big to fit in the washer.  We will provide bedding (sheepskin mats) for your dog to lie on.
  • Please do not bring your pets bowls.  We want to make sure that we don’t mix them in with ours.  We use Stainless steel bowls that are sanitized between uses.
  • Please do not bring Rawhide for treats in your dog’s suite.  We firmly believe that if rawhide is used as a treat it should be supervised.

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