A Touch of Class Information

  1. Spaying or Neutering for Daycare Guests- Normally puppies are recommended to be spayed or neutered between the ages of 7 and 9 months but may continue to come until their behavior becomes disruptive in the daycare.  Puppies under 7 months (females that have not come into heat yet) are not required to be spayed or neutered.  We can accommodate unaltered pets in the boarding facility but will require an additional charge.
  2. Vaccinations- Documentation can be obtained from your Veterinarian to show proof of required vaccinations. These consist of Distemper Combo, Rabies, and Bordatella.  We require that your dog have these vaccinations at least 1 week before attending the Resort. Your veterinarian can fax your proof of vaccinations to 920-231-4374. Please consult any Touch of Class representative for exceptions.
  3. Contact Information- We ask that you keep us up dated to any changes in contact information so we can contact you should we need to.
  4. Flea Prevention is absolutely necessary for the welfare of all the guests.  We require a flea and tick preventative all year such as Frontline, Biospot, Sentinel, Advantage, Advantix, Seresto, ect.  Natural options are also available, please contact a Touch of Class representative for more information on these products
  5. Good temperament is only permitted in our daycare.  For the welfare of all guests, we cannot allow dogs that are protective of their food or toys or that have ever harmed a human or another dog. Because dogs play with their mouth and feet, occasional scratches may occur. Our daycare is supervised by trained staff at all times.
  6. Food- We ask that all food and treats brought for your dog be in containers or bags marked with your pet’s name. If boarding your pet, please also provide the brand and variety of food that they eat.
  7. Medication- will be administered at your request at no additional charge.
  8. Bathing and Nail clipping can be added to boarding or daycare visits, please ask for pricing. Professional grooming is offered in the Spa, however, an appointment may be required. Prices for these vary depending on size and length of coat.  However, if there is a safety concern regarding the length of your pet’s nails i.e., could scratch and hurt another dog or staff, then at the discretion of a Touch of Class supervisor, a nail trimming will be done.  This nail trim will be charged to the owner at the normal nail trim price.