What is Doggie Daycare?

Doggie daycare is a great alternative to staying home alone while the family is gone for work or school. While at the resort, your pet will release tons of extra energy, be socialized and have the attention they love.

What happens at Doggie Day Care?

Throughout the day they play with their furry friends while exploring and bouncing around with the toys. They take naps when they want to in the daycare unless asked to be put in a private run. If your dog has any special needs or requires a lunch we are happy to oblige.  We provide a structured daycare, which allows us to advocate for all types of dogs that come to our daycare.

Our indoor play area is totally air conditioned and heated to protect your special pet from the elements. When weather permits, they play outside in our huge 13,000 square foot play yard. We feel that all dogs benefit from socializing with dogs of all shapes and sizes.  These spacious areas have plenty of toys and obstacles to play on.

In order to do a proper assessment during the first visit, where it is important for the dog to adjust to their new environment and be slowly introduced to the group, we require that all new guests come in around 10:00 AM and stay with us until after 4 pm.



Full-Day (over 6 hours)

1-Day Pass


5-Day Pass


$21/day (save $5.00)

10-Day Pass


$20/day (save $20.00)

20-Day Pass


$19/day (save $60.00)

30-Day Pass


$18/day (save $120.00)

Half-Day (under 6 hours)

1 Half-Day Pass


5 Half-Day Pass


$15.50/day (save $2.50)

10 Half-Day Pass


$15/day (save $10.00)

20 Half-Day Pass


$14.50/day (save $30.00)

30 Half-Day Pass


$14/day (save $60.00)

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